The "mollete" (a soft, round, small flatbread) of the Sierra de Cádiz has its very own recipe that sets it apart from other bread products. We bake our molletes according to a recipe that has been passed down from one master baker to the next for generations.

We bake our molletes in a traditional and artisan way with high-quality wheat, the mineral water from the Sierra de Albarracín, the salt from the nearby Roman salt Iptuci and yeast.

The whole process is natural: every single piece is formed by hand and we do not use machines for the fermentation either.

The result of an elaborate preparation and fermentation process and only 4 minutes in the oven is an exquisite spongy roll with a thin crunchy surface.

Usually served lightly toasted in an Andalusian breakfast, this delicious flatbread can be enjoyed sweet with butter, jam and/or honey or hearty with tomatoes and ham or lard and local sausages. To us it tastes best with extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt.

As for the rest of meals: try using it on your sandwiches and/or hamburgers, or as a base for mini pizzas. Our molletes will certainly give a new flavour to any of your meals.

Currently we bake twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays, but we also accept orders for events and celebrations.

We have no shop and do not sell directly. In El Bosque you will find our molletes in the shop of Venta Julian (Avenida Diputación 11).

If you wish to order our molletes, please contact Fran González (Phone: +34 658 845 761).