How does an hydraulic mill work?
How much does a millstone weigh?
How is the bran separated from the grain?
How was bread made 50 years ago? And 200 years ago?

These are just some of the questions you might ask and which we will answer during our guided tour.

We show you how bread was made 200 years ago or how wheat was ground, because we continue to do it the same way as then.

You'll see the process from the start to the finish, with hydropower getting the machinery going that moves the millstone which grinds wheat into flour.

Admire the ecological efficiency of the mill in a process where the water is taken from the Majaceite-stream to generate sustainable energy and subsequently returned to the stream in the same state that it entered the mill. To put it in today's terms: a cycle of zero-emission power generation.

Being surrounded by gardens, fountains and fruit trees, our mill is a place of great beauty. A place to enjoy Andalusian nature during a guided walk.

During the approximately 20-minute visit you will learn how a watermill works. You'll see our current bakery and take a guided walk through the mill and the associated gardens.

The visit is recommended for all ages and the mill is accessible to people with disabilities.

We offer visits by appointment, for groups of 2 to 200 people, children and adults, schools and associations, individuals and families...